About Global Transport Solution

GTS is a dynamic logistics company with the desire to improve the global cross-border delivery experience for eCommerce companies and customers.

We deliver shipments to customers worldwide and guarantee an excellent service for your cargo and quality customer service.

We provide our customers a wide range of standard and tailor-made services, including:

  • First Mile services
  • Customs clearance
  • Warehouse services
  • Last Mile services
  • Cargo insurance
  • IT solutions for eCommerce companies


GTS is a part of Freselle Logistics Group (www.freselle.ee) which is the largest customs warehousing and customs-related service providers in Estonia.

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Logistics services for eCommerce

First Mile Services

We offer road, sea and air transport

  • Freight services
  • Customs clearance and tax representation
  • Line haul services

Last Mile Services

Instant access to over 20 carriers and most of last mile solutions

  • Freight services
  • Customs clearance and tax representation
  • Courier services
  • Parcel machines & robots
  • Pick up points

Warehouse Services

We operate 30 000m2 of warehouse facilities, including customs warehouse in Tallinn Airport

  • Storage of bonded and free goods
  • Inbound and outbound activities
  • Packing and repacking
  • Value-added services
  • Loading and Unloading Shipments
  • Transport & Distribution
  • Returns management

IT solutions

Logistics chain visibility and availability across Your entire service network for cargo flows worldwide

  • eCustoms
  • eWarehouse
  • eLogistics

Hassle-free One-Stop eCommerce Solution

GTS has developed an unique and exclusive in-house One-Stop Solution, that speeds up the process of trading goods between EU and China, Russia, India, USA and other countries.


GTS unique One-Stop eCustoms Solution simplifies custom duties and VAT obligations for businesses selling goods to consumers throughout the 28 EU countries. GTS declares and pays the customs duties and VAT in EU on behalf of the customer and settles via One-Stop Solution with the customer.


GTS exclusive One-Stop eLogistics Solution accelerates the process to dispatch eCommerce shipments from EU, China, India, USA and other countries to Russia. After customs procedures  in EU, the parcels are delivered to Russia, where they are cleared at the customs point. Afterwards they are delivered to our sorting center, from where the parcels are further delivered to any destination in Russia.


Our Advantages

  • Access to all 28 EU countries + Switzerland & Norway
  • Access to Russia, one of the fastest growing eCommerce market
  • One-Stop Solution to manage the whole process via a single platform
  • Quick API intergration to save your time and keep your administrative costs low
  • Competitive shipping rates and fast delivery


  • You ship to our warehouse in EU or schedule First Mile Services with GTS
  • Customs clearance & warehouse services
  • Last Mile Services
  • Returns management
  • Customers support

Our partners


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